Javier Fernandez brought Spain its first world figure skating title Saturday March 28th, 2015.

Javier is the European Nationals Champion for 2013, 2014, and 2015. Landing two quads and six triples, Javier compiles a score of 181.16 for the segment and finished with 273.90 for the competition to take
the title.

Watch Video Clip of Javier Fernandez

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The Lightest and Strongest Blades in the World:

Paramount blade holders are made from a lightweight aircraft aluminum with a high quality steel runner. Our unique triangular shaped frame increases both strength and stiffness.  Using our  lightweight blades, skaters will have less fatigue and both higher and longer jumps.

Up to 50% Lighter and Stronger:

When combining Paramount blades with some of the new lightweight boots on the market, a skater can lose up to three pounds per blade/boot combination. The extra strong, lightweight,  one-piece aluminum construction is virtually unbreakable. The rocker profiles of the freestyle blades are the same as the Pattern 99, Gold Seal, and Phantom Blades. The profile and width of our Dance Blade is the same as the MK Gold Dance Blade. For more information on why our dance blades are superior, please contact Charles Butler, an Olympic Ice Dancer at Ultimate Skate.

Tapered blades:

Paramount offers precision tapered blades, thick in front and thin in back.  Although MK-Wilson also offers tapered blades, theirs are tapered by hand, with no consistency. Inconsistent tapering means the blade may be tapered more on one side than the other, and for the skate sharpener it would be impossible to get a even edge down the  length of the blade. The only way to do this would be to raise and lower the sharpening jig as the skate sharpener sharpens down the length of the blade. Paramount is offering a tool for the cost of $25.00  to check uneven blades, such as the Gold Seal, Phantom, and the Matrix Supreme.

Made in the USA:

440C Stainless Steel, made in the USA, is the highest quality and most expensive material of any skate blade on the market. Paramount Sk8s is the only company using 440C Stainless Steel. 440C is a high wear material that holds an edge up to four times longer  than carbon steel blades.  

A competitive skater will skate for hundreds of miles a month. Ice impurities cause abrasion, and tiny molecules rub off, causing blade edges to become dull.  440C Stainless Steel lasts longer because the molecules are more tightly bonded and do not wear away as easily as on lesser quality metals. The blade's life and durability is increased dramatically. 440C Stainless Steel is manufactured at 9 times the cost of carbon steel. Paramount Sk8s is the only company using true 440C metal made in the USA. Jackson uses AUS8 made in China. Our edges stay sharp longer than any of our competitors.

CNC Computer machined:

Paramount Sk8s has the only blades on the market with CNC Computer machined profiled
rockers, giving them the highest accuracy, and making every blade precise and identical. Jackson, Wilson, MK,  Eclipse, and Graf grind the hollow in by hand. All things made by hand can vary.

Our blades are exact, requiring no adjustment period between blade sets. There is no longer a need to "re-learn" how to skate on a "new" pair of blades because our tolerances are the tightest in the industry. All of our lift angles are identical to specs. Enjoy the perfection of Paramount Skate Blades.

Toe Picks:

Paramount offers 3 pick patterns which closely match the popular Wilson - MK blades. Dozens of different pick designs have been used and are being used but no single pick design has proven to grab better than any other. The Gold Seal has very small picks.  This blade is used by skaters doing quad jumps. Brandon Mroz has done the Quadruple Lutz, using these small picks.

The traditional carbon steel blades have chrome plated picks to prevent rust. However, the downside of chrome plating is that during the plating process, chrome builds up more on the sharp edges, rounding the edges and making them dull. Only non-chrome plated blades have sharp edges and sharp teeth.

If a skater wants a larger pick, we can customize the pick at an extra cost. Some Syncro skaters require the blades to be shorter in back, and we can customize any freestyle blade to any length for an extra charge of $25.00.

Blade Profiles:

Paramount Sk8s is the only company offering three blade profiles. Although the seven and eight foot radius has been advertised for many years as the difference between one blade and another, it actually has no relevance to the skater. The smaller curves at the front of the blade are what truly effect the skater, rather than the larger curve in back.  The front curve is where the skater spins, jumps, and lands their jumps.

Blade colors:

Color Blades

Paramount is the only company offering hundreds of custom colors from dark to light. Any color is possible. We also offer two or three colors on one blade, one color in the front and a different color in back faded together in the middle or one color in a fade from light to dark. Thousands of color combinations are possible when two colors are used. Our stock colors include icy pink, icy purple, icy blue, black and polished silver.  Custom colors are available at an extra charge and come in many shades of blue, green, pink, turquoise, gold,  red, orange, purple, and more!

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